“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Backup power: Is your house ready for the next storm?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Backup power: Is your house ready for the next storm?

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CT Electrical Service is your expert, quick-response contractor for backup power systems and power restoration following storm and flood damage


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Meteorologists and other climate experts predict that “extreme weather events” are likely to occur with increasing frequency. Hurricanes, severe storms and flooding all cause power outages and (in some cases) damage to electrical wiring and equipment. When Mother Nature plays rough, you can count on CT Electrical Services to provide a complete range of electrical inspection and restoration services. We’ll act quickly to get your electrical service restored in the safest possible way.


Backup power: Is your house ready for the next storm?

Ben Franklin, who many consider to be our nation’s first electrician, offered some valuable advice: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Why not apply this wisdom to protect your home and family from future power outages?


  • Await the next storm with candles and flashlights as your main light source.
  • Allow your basement to flood because your sump pump has no power.
  • Risk having pipes freeze and burst during a winter power outage.
  • Be forced to move out of your house and into a motel when your power goes out.
  • Stand by as food spoils in a refrigerator with no power.




  • Contact CT Electrical Services to put an effective storm preparedness plan into action.


CT Electrical Services offers the broadest range of backup power systems available to Connecticut residents and business owners

  • Fuel-powered generators. We provide a generator sized to meet your budget and power requirements. Portable and permanent installations are possible. Natural gas, gasoline, propane and diesel options are available.
  • Solar photovoltaic systems. CT Electrical Services is one of the most experienced and innovative installers of PV systems in the Northeast. With a PV system, you get the benefit of free electricity from the sun all year round, not when the grid goes down. Many of our residential PV installations have enabled homeowners to cut their electricity bills by over 75%.
  • Battery backup systems.  Sometimes referred to as an “indoor generator,” a bank of specially designed, deep-cycle batteries offers some important advantages over motor-driven generators. A battery system operates soundlessly, making it ideal for condo dwellers. It can be recharged by standard, grid-supplied current, by a PV system, or by a fuel-driven generator, providing a great deal of flexibility. Like a PV system, a battery-based auxiliary power system has no moving parts and requires no maintenance or fuel; it’s simply ready to supply auxiliary power at any time.


Don’t get caught without power when the next storm hits. Call 203-723-9052 and let us design a state-of-the-art backup power system for your home or business.

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