Investing in a Home Generator stand-by System

Investing in a Home Generator System

Protect your home and your family before the next power outage. Here’s what you need to know to have the right equipment installed in the right way for a fair price.


A growing number of Connecticut residents are deciding to buy generators so that their homes can still have electricity when power from the electric utility is interrupted. As storms occur with greater frequency and greater severity, homeowners realize the value of a self-contained power supply that can supply electricity to keep lights, refrigerators, water pumps, HVAC systems and home electronics running when the grid goes down.


Generators designed to provide homes with auxiliary power can be purchased at home centers, from online suppliers, and from independent retailers and contractors. It’s great that homeowners have so many choices when investing in a generator. But this range of home generator options also causes problems. Without proper sizing and electrical safeguards, a generator can cause irreparable damage to electrical motors and electronic equipment. Generators are doubly dangerous because they produce potentially lethal carbon monoxide as well as high-voltage electricity. Errors in sizing, installation, maintenance and use can have dire consequences.


Leading the way in home generator systems

Recognizing the need for safe, reliable, home generators, CT Electrical Services has made a commitment to provide an exceptional level of service to homeowners who want the best in standby power systems. As a full-service Generac dealer, CT Electrical has access to the best and broadest range of generators available –all made in the U.S.A. by the world’s leading manufacturer of generators. Whether you want a portable generator or a permanent model, we can match features and size to your needs. Even more importantly, CT Electrical can provide complete maintenance and repair services for every generator we install. To become a Factory-Certified Generac Technician, I completed the best training program I’ve ever participated in. Armed with this knowledge and a complete selection of spare parts, we have what it takes to keep your generator in top condition.


Advanced standby power system options

It’s important to point out the difference between a generator and a standby power system. Because CT Electrical is a full-service electrical contractor, we have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your home’s overall electrical requirements when selecting a generator. We always consider the power requirements and characteristics of key electrical loads such as the water pump, sump pump and HVAC compressor. The transfers switch and service entrance breaker included in our standby power systems, maximize convenience, and safety when using a generator. We can install a standby power system that constantly monitors the electricity supplied by your electric utility. When grid-supplied power is interrupted, the transfer switch disconnects the utility line and connects the generator to the home’s main service panel. Thanks to the auto-on capability built into our premium generators, your standby system takes over automatically. Once utility power is restored, the generator will turn off and disconnect. Home computers and appliances are protected from power irregularities that can easily damage this equipment.


Unlike contractors who deal only in generators, CT Electrical Services has the capability to augment and customize your standby power system with battery backup and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Throughout Connecticut, our PV systems are generating “free” electricity from the sun. As a leading contractor of green energy, we have the expertise to combine renewable energy systems with generators so that homeowners can enjoy energy savings and true stand-alone power capability.